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Solaris Raid Level and Array Type Primer

A simple article highligting the raid levels and arry types available for the Solaris operating system

Solstice Disksuite (SDS) Cheat Sheet

Solstice DiskSuite is a software product that enables you to manage large numbers of disks and the data on those disks.

Growing a UFS filesystem on Solaris

Did you know that it is also possible without a volume manager? You just have to know some special arguments to the mkfs command.

Creating a DiskSuite RAID5 device

Creating a RAID 5 metadevice with DiskSuite is extremely simple. Unlike creating mirrors which involves several steps.

Creating DiskSuite transaction logging metadevices

A metatrans device is identical to any other kind of metadevice. In order to configure the device it is assumed there is a free slice on each disk.

Solstice DiskSuite Soft Partitions

SVM provides the ability to create more partitions than the limit of 7 using traditional partitions. Such partitions are called soft partitions.

Solaris Volume Manager Overview

A full discussion is beyond the scope of this article, so we will focus on the most common cases, how to set them up, manage them and maintain them.