A collection of system administration hints and tips, tricks and articles for the Solaris operating system in all its variants.

Solaris st.conf entries

posted on 19th Feb, 1999

The st.conf is the configiuration file for the st (SCSI Tape) driver on the Solaris Operating System.

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Detecting disks under Solaris

posted on 5th Jan, 1999

Ever needed to get Solaris to detect disks; the method depends on the version of Solaris. This article provides a how to

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ping or not to ping that is a solaris quirk

posted on 4th Dec, 1998

ping or not to ping that is a solaris quirk

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Finding and Removing core files

posted on 22nd Oct, 1998

A simple one liner to help find and remove core files from a given system.

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How to find out more about a given binary

posted on 17th Sep, 1998

Some very useful command in Solaris to find more about a given binary.

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Solaris CLI keyboard shortcuts

posted on 14th Aug, 1998

A short article providing various keyboard shortcuts for command line edit of any commands quick and easily.

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Automated Security Enhancement Tool (ASET)

posted on 9th Aug, 1998

ASET allows you to monitor and restrict access to system files. It can be configured for three security levels: low, medium, and high.

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Sun EEPROM Security

posted on 8th Aug, 1998

On Sun workstations and servers you can interact with the boot EEPROM (NVRAM) at any time by holding down the STOP (L1) key and pressing the "a" key

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