End of an era - Solaris 8 and 9 recommended patches

From the Solaris Support Lifecycle Matrix vintage support for Solaris 8 and 9 ended in October 2014 so no more updates and the final set of Solaris 8 and 9 patches are made available in MOS

According to support both the Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 patches will continue to be available to Oracle customers who have the appropriate support contracts. I'm guessing that telephone support for sustaining customers will also be availble. But there will be NO NEW patches.

It's been a journey for Solaris 8 (released in February 2000) and Solaris 9 (March 2002) so they've had a good run.

It just goes to show that Sun's philosophy and commitment of long-term support and binary compatibility still lives on even after it's demise!