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Repairing a Damaged ZFS Device

This article describes how to determine ZFS device failure types, clear transient errors, and replace a device.

Repairing a Missing ZFS Device

If a device cannot be opened, it displays as UNAVAILABLE in the zpool status output.

ZFS Raid and RAIDZ techniques

With ZFS filesystem, RAIDZ is very popular as it gives the best tradeoff of hardware failure protection versus storage.

Troubleshooting ZFS Swap and Dump devices

If you need to adjust the size of the swap volume after installation on an active system, review the following steps. See CR 6765386 for more info

Renaming a ZFS zpool

Renaming a zpool is not as intuitive as I would expect, but it is still pretty simple. However, we can accomplish this through a three step process.

ZFS versions in Solaris 10

This article describes available ZFS versions, features of each version, and the Solaris release that provides the ZFS version and feature

Troubleshooting ZFS

Most ZFS errors I've experienced generally fall into one of three categories. missing devices, damaged devices and data corruption.

ZFS Hardware Maintenance

Once the drive has been physically replaced, run the 'zfs replace' command against the device to allow it to be brought back online.

ZFS Data Protection

ZFS is a transactional file system. For each write request, a copy is made of the specified block protected by Copy-On-Write (COW)

ZFS Performance Monitoring

In ZFS, I/Os are scheduled similarly to how jobs are scheduled on CPUs.

ZFS Pool Management

When disks are added to an existing mirrored or RAID Z pool, the ZFS is resilvered to redistribute the data.