ZFS versions in Solaris 10

New ZFS features to both pool and file system are introduced and accessible by using a specific ZFS version that is available in the Solaris OS. You can use the zpool upgrade or zfs upgrade to identify whether a pool or file system is at lower version than the currently running Solaris release provides. You can also use these commands to upgrade your pool and file system versions.

This article gives a brief description of the available features of each version, and the Solaris 10 release that provides the ZFS version and feature.

ZFS Pool versions

The following table provides a list of ZFS pool versions that are available in the Solaris release.

VersionSolaris 10 releaseDescription
1 6/06 Initial ZFS version
2 11/06 Ditto blocks (replicated metadata)
3 Hot spares and double parity RAID-Z
4 8/07 zpool history
5 10/08 gzip compression algorithm
6 bootfs pool property
7 Separate intent log devices
8 Delegated administration
9 refquota and refreservation properties
10 5/09 Cache devices
11 10/09 Improved scrub performance
12 Snapshot properties
13 snapused property
14 aclinherit passthrough-x property
15 user and group space accounting
16 9/10 stmf property support
17 Triple-parity RAID-Z
18 Snapshot user holds
19 Log device removal
20 Compression using zle (zero-length encoding)
21 Reserved
22 Received properties
23 8/11 Slim ZIL
24 System attributes
25 Improved scrub stats
26 Improved snapshot deletion performance
27 Improved snapshot creation performance
28 Multiple vdev replacements
29 RAID-Z/mirror hybrid allocator
30 1/13 Reserved
31 Improved zfs list performance
32 One MB blocksize

ZFS File System versions

The following table lists the ZFS file system versions that are available in the Solaris 10 release. Keep in mind that a feature that is available in a specific file system version requires a specific pool version.

VersionSolaris 10 releaseDescription
1 6/06 Initial ZFS file system version
2 10/08 Enhanced directory entries
3 Case insensitivity and file system unique identifier (FUID)
4 10/09 userquota and groupquota properties
5 8/11 System attributes