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Creating a Solaris Zone on ZFS

The following is a simple example of creating a ZFS filesystem and using it to hold a newly-created Solaris Zone (Solaris Container)

Solaris Zone status and Configuration

This article describes how to display the Solaris Zone Status and Configuration from the global zone.

Solaris non-global Zone States

This article simply provides a zone state flow chart and a table listing the state of non-global zones under Solaris.

Solaris non-global Zone States (part 2)

This article simply provides addiational zone states from my previous post on the subject.

Migrating a Solaris 11 Kernel Zone

You can migrate a kernel zone to another host by using the zoneadm command. For zone migrations, a zone configuration must be portable across machines.

Cloning a Solaris zone

The beauty of zones under Solaris for me is the ability to clone any zone and then easily adapt it for it's new resources and function.

ZFS Zones

If the filesystem is created in the global zone and added to the local zone via zonecfg, it may be assigned to more than one zone

An introduction to Solaris Zones

This post is an introduction to the new virtual technology introduced from Sun Microsystems, namely Solaris Zones (not containers)