Solaris non-global Zone States

A zone is a virtualized OS which is created within a single instance of Solaris 10. Each environment has its own identification that is separate from the primary hardware. Each environment works independently as if running on its own system, making consolidation simple, safe, and secure.

This article simply provides a zone state flow chart and a table listing the state of non-global zones under Solaris.

Zone State flowchart

Solaris Zone State flowchart

Zone State description

StateDescriptionApplicable command
Configured The Zone's configuration is complete and committed to stable storage. But elements at environment that must be specified after initial boot are not yet present. zonecfg -z zonename verify zonecfg -z zonename commit zonecfg -z zonename delete zoneadm -z zonename attach zoneadm -z zonename verify zoneadm -z zonename install zoneadm -z zonename clone
Incomplete State during install or uninstall process. zoneadm -z zonename uninstall
Installed The zone's configuration is installed on system. Packages are installed under

zone's root path. Zone has no associated virtual platform.

zoneadm -z zonename ready zoneadm -z zonename boot zoneadm -z zonename uninstall zoneadm -z zonename move path zoneadm -z zonename detach
Ready The virtual platform is established. The kernel creates zsched process, network interface is ready, file systems are mounted and devices configured. Zone has unique ID. But processes are not started. zoneadm -z zonename boot zoneadm halt
Running Processes are running zlogin zonename zoneadm -z zonename halt
Shutting down Transitional state while zone is being halted NA
Down The zone has completed the shut down process and is down NA