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Troubleshooting SEVM/VxVM 3.x

This article is designed to walk you through common VxVM problems allowing you to troubleshoot them.

VxVM command line cheat sheet (part 2)

This article is aimed at providing a list of basic and advanced command-line examples for Veritas Volume Manager.

Basic VERITAS Volume Replicator Commands

Veritas Volume Replicator aides in an effective maintain a consistent copy of application data at one or more remote locations via data-replication

LVM Logical Volumes

The use of logical volumes is similar to the use of partitions and is accomplished with the same standard commands (mkfs, mount, fsck, df, ...)

LVM Volume Groups

A volume group (vg) is an abstraction layer between block devices and logical volumes. The commands used to manage a volume group start with vg

LVM Physical Volumes

A physical volume (pv) is any block device (a disk, a partition, a RAID device, an iSCSI device, etc.)

Growing a UFS filesystem on Solaris

Did you know that it is also possible without a volume manager? You just have to know some special arguments to the mkfs command.

Veritas File System (VxFS) Cheat Sheet

This article is aimed a providing a list of basic commands for Veritas File System (VxFS).

Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) cheat sheet

This article is aimed a providing a list of basic and advanced commands and common information for Veritas Volume Manager

Cannot import diskgroup - No Configuration Copies

A rate occurrance where VxVM fails where we cannot import a diskgroup due to the Veritas configuration database become corrupt.

Faster SVM mirror resync

There are two way to change block size to get quickly synchronized disks in mirrored system

Removing VxVM from a Solaris root disk

This post provides an example of how to remove VxVM from a Solaris root disk. The operating system is mirrored between the two devices.

Veritas Volume Manager

Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is an implementation of disk management allowing for mirroring and raid to better manage and utilise your storage.