NetWorker Module Information

NetWorker modules are client programs that allow applications to be backed up in a consistent state. There are modules for databases, email servers, enterprise applications and snapshot management. The main advantage of module use is that you can get online backup of application servers in a consistent state. It also allows for 3rd party integration with those applications.

Modules are client software that is loaded on the application server directly, or a proxy client can be used to offload the resource utilization. The proxy client could be on a storage node to allow client direct backup to that node, also.

The backup process is the same as a normal NetWorker backup, except that a backup API specific to the client called gets loaded and sends data to the save command, which sends the data to the storage node.

Recovery is similar, except the recovery command is used to call the API, which then pushes the data back into the application.

Disparate snapshot technologies can all be managed with NetWorker, both the backup and restore.