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Shutting down and rebooting a Linux system

When it comes to shutting down and rebooting a Linux system the shutdown command is only command you need to know to do both jobs

Solaris reconfiguration boot

During a reconfiguration restart, a device hierarchy is created in the /devices file system to represent the devices connected to the system.

Gracefully shutdown Solaris 9

This article shows how to gracefully shut down Solaris 9 from within the CDE, and from the Console Login.

Repairing a corrupt SMF Repository

Without a working SMF repository the system will not be able to boot. This article provides the steps to restore a working copy of the database.

How to Restart or Shutdown a remote Windows Server

When you attempt to restart a remote server remember that the default ComputerName is the local machine, therefore you need to append -m ComputerName.