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Enabling and adding NIC teaming to a virtual machine

Although you can add NIC teaming to a virtual machine, it's not a Hyper-V feature but functionality of the Windows Server used for network workload

Using Event Viewer for Hyper-V troubleshooting

Almost all events on Hyper-V are logged in Event Viewer, however they are divided between different event logs.

Virtualisation products compared

The 3 major players, at the moment, in the virtualisation market are VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

NetWorker tape drives in VTL environments

While most virtualisation systems allow configuration of tape drives inside a guest container, such configured tape drivers have limited support.

NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications (NMM)

NMM is the application module for all Microsoft applications and databases, including Exchange, MSSQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory DPM and HyperV

Using the Hyper-V Best Practices Analyzer

The Best Practice Analyzer for Hyper-V has 74 scans to identify which settings are not configured, based on the Microsoft documentation and practices.