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Enabling the Solaris Auditing subsystem

To configure the Solaris Auditing subsystem on Solaris 9 or Solaris 10 we simply run the bsmconv command-line utility from the /etc/security directory

Using AIDE to ensure Linux server integrity

AIDE provides an additional layer to your server security not by keeping intruders out but by notifying you as the sysadmin of a possible intrusion.

Disable syslog "remote logging" under Solaris

syslog remote logging under Solaris by default is enabled and will listen on UDP port 514 for syslog messages from remote servers.

NetWorker License Conformance Report

The license conformance summary is a new feature in NetWorker Management Console that simply reports the current NetWorker licensing inventory.

SSH Cheat Sheet

This post provides me with a reminder of the syntax for the most useful SSH features I use whist auditing systems.

NetWorker Inactive Files feature

This may prove useful when deciding what data needs to be backed up and how often and which data could be considered for archiving.

Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS)

The Solaris Security Toolkit simplifies and automates the process of securing Solaris OS systems and is based on proven security best practices/

Solaris Basic Audit Reporting Tool (BART)

BART is a great little alternative to Tripwire or AIDE. While not so robust or full featured, it does what you need it to do with very little impact.