NetBackup Catalog overview

The NetBackup catalog is the internal database that contains information about NetBackup backups and configuration. It resides on disk of the NetBackup Master server.

The catalog consists of the following parts:

Image Database

The image database contains information about what has been backed up. It is by far the largest part4 of the catalog.

Relational databases

NetBackup uses the SQL Anywhere Relational Database Management System to store information in the NetBackup database (NBDB). The metadata includes information about the data that has been backed up, and about where the data is stored. The NetBackup database (NBDB) is also known as the Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) database. It contains information about volumes, and the robots and drives that are in NetBackup storage units.

Configuration files

Policy, schedule, and other flat files that are used by NetBackup. The configuration files (databases.conf and server.conf) are flat files that contain instructions for the SQL Anywhere daemon.

Since NetBackup needs the catalog information so that it can restore client backups, configure a catalog backup before using NetBackup for regular client backups. Schedule the catalog backups to occur on a regular basis. Without regular catalog backups, you risk losing regular backups if there is a problem with the disk that contains the catalogs.

Catalog directory structure

NBU Catalog Structure