Recovering from a lost password on the T3

The following procedure shows how to identify a Sun StorEdge T3 / T3+ Arrays existing password if it has been forgotten.

  1. Stop all I/O going to the T3(s).
  2. Connect a console cable from the master unit to a laptop,VT, or console server and power off all units (both trays in a partner group).
  3. Power up the master unit (leaving the alternate master OFF) and interrupt the boot process by hitting RETURN when you see the following message:
    hit the RETURN key within # seconds to cancel...
    Note: If you leave the alternate master on, the T3 Operating System will continue to boot. Eventually, the OS will assume there is a problem with the master (that we interrupted), disable it, and make itself the master.

    At the T300-EP prompt, use the set passwd command to view the currently set password.

  4. Type reset to reboot, and immediately power on the alternate master (if present).
  5. (optional) You can change the password after the T3 boots by using the passwd command.