Sun StorEdge Component Manager Overview

The Sun StorEdge Component Manager (CM) is a GUI application that helps manage and control Sun StorEdge A5x00 and Sun StorEdge T3 storage arrays. The Component Manager application can NOT perform all the maintenance functions available with the luxadm command.

To remove or insert failed disk drives, you must still rely on luxadm. It is also not intended as a replacement for the StorTools application, which supports a wider range of storage devices and has extensive failure diagnostics.

The Component Manager application has the following functionality associated with it, represented by three separate tabs:

  • Health
  • Configuration
  • Control


The Health tab enables you to monitor the properties and status of selected hardware field replaceable units (FRUs). There are individual properties and rules specific to each component. Rules define the conditions under which you are notified through remote reporting when monitoring the Health tab components. Rule evaluations are integrated into the Component Manager software.


The configuration tab allows you to perform the following tasks when you select an A5x00 storage array on the SSMC navigation pane:

  • Set or modify an A5X00 array enclosure name
  • Change the hardware polling time interval
  • Disable hardware polling for specific storage arrays

For a T3 storage array, the following features are available on the SSMC navigation pane:

  • Set system property values (system name, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and more)
  • Set Fibre SCSI port properties (set ALPHA mode and loop address)
  • Perform LUN operations (create and modify luns)
  • Configure StorEdge T3 polling hardware (enable, disable, or change polling values)


The control tab for the A5X00 allows the following functionality:

  • Disk drive controls (you can spin down and up drives, you can blink led's, you can also bypass ports).
  • Backplane controls (you can bypass (enable/disable) entire backplane ports.

The control tab for the T3 storage array are graphically oriented. Depending on which area you highlight, different control functions appear on the right half of the control window. You can find and alter the same information as described above for the A5x00.