Resolving NetWorker Archive and Retrieve issues

This post simply provides a method on how to troubleshoot various problems you may encounter with Legato's NetWorker archive and retrieve.

Remote Archive Request From Server Fails

If you cannot perform a remote archive request of a workstation from the NetWorker server, the archive client's user name (for example, root) may not be listed in that client's Archive Users attribute in the Clients resource.

You can also grant NetWorker administrator privileges for root@client-system in the Administrator attribute in the Server resource. Granting administrator privileges creates a potential security issue, since NetWorker administrators can recover and retrieve data owned by other users on other clients.

Multiple Save Sets Appear as a Single Archive Save Set

When you combine multiple save sets in an archive, such as /home and /usr, they end up in a single archive save set, which appears as "/" in the Archives list in the NetWorker Retrieve program (nwretrieve).

If you want save sets to appear separately during retrieve, archive them separately.

Cloned Archives Do Not Appear in Backup Retrieve Window

When you search for an annotation in the NetWorker Retrieve program (nwretrieve), the Archives attribute does not display archive clones.

To locate the clones, start the query without specifying a Search Annotation attribute. If that query returns too many archives, you can use mminfo to locate the archive clone with the same save set ID (ssid) as the archive you want.

Wrong Archive Pool Is Selected

If you create multiple archive pools, the one selected for archive is not the default archive pool. When you create multiple archive pools, the last one created is the one selected for archive.

Second Archive Request Does Not Execute

If you create two archive requests with the same name, only the first request executes. To avoid the problem, do not create two archive requests with the same name; the newer one will never execute.

Command Line Archive Does Not Start Immediately

If you run nsrarchive from the command line, the archive does not start immediately after you type the annotation and then Control-D to start the archive. Wait a while; there is a delay before the archive starts. NOTE: Do not press Control-D multiple times.

Empty Annotations in Retrieve List

You may encounter empty annotations in the retrieve list when you search for annotations using a search string.

The NetWorker Archive program does not allow you to enter a null annotation string. By contrast, older versions of the NetWorker Archive software installed on DOS, Windows, and NetWare lack an annotation feature. As a consequence, the annotations for save sets archived with the older software are empty strings in the retrieve list.