NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications (NMDA)

NMDA is the NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications. It provides integration with DB2, Informix IDS, Lotus Notes Domino, Oracle, Sybase ASE. It is a single module that supports all those databases, and to simplify licensing replaces the individual modules that were previously available for each of those.

NMDA essentially offers integration into those applications and provides NetWorker functionality to their backup.

The backup process is like the normal backup, except that the savegrp is called and issues a request to nsrexecd on the client. nsrexecd calls nsrdasv which loads the correct API for the database installed.

DB2 can backup database and tablespace, and its types are Full, Incremental and Incremental Delta.

Lotus Domino backs up the database files, DAOS and individual files. Its types are Full, Incremental and Incremental Delta, and on Windows-installed Lotus servers there is an additional GUI for managing the plugin.

Oracle modules will back up the database, tablespaces and data files, control files and redo files. Its backup types are Full, Incremental 0, Differential 1 and Cumulative Incremental 1.