Minimum disk configuration for a Sun StorEdge A5x00 disk array

A common question I get during support call recently has been what is the minimum disk configuration for each of the photon storage arrays. The proper answer is RTFM, but rather than upsetting the admin I have provided a table below indicating the minimum configuration for each array.

This minimum configuration is a requirement because circuitry on the disk drives regenerate and retime the data signals which corrects signal quality loss accumulated through the bypass circuitry between empty slots.

Fig.1 - Minimum Disk Configuration
ModelMinimum DisksFront Backplane SlotsRear Backplane Slots
A5000 5 3 and 6 0, 3, 6
A5100 5 3 and 6 0, 3, 6
A5200 7 0, 5, 10 0, 3, 6, 10