Mapping Solaris sar output to actual storage lun

I came across a situation where a customer informed us that the output from sar reported a different device name than the actual storage lun.

This is a simple article which maps the the output of sar to the physical entries

Sample sar output

# sar -d 2
SunOS venus 5.8 Generic sun4u    09/07/99

00:00:00   device        %busy   avque   r+w/s  blks/s  avwait  avserv

01:59:45   ssd19             0     0.0       1     178     0.0     4.8
01:59:45   ssd19,a           0     0.0       1     178     0.0     4.8
01:59:45   ssd19,h           0     0.0       0       0     0.0     0.0

Sample format output

# echo | format
0. c0t0d0
1. c6t60060E8004F25E000000F25E00000DE8d0
2. c6t60060E8004F25E000000F25E00000DE9d0
3. c6t60060E8004F25E000000F25E00000DEAd0
Specify disk (enter its number):


So we have the sar output and the format output, so we now use the entry in /etc/path_to_inst to map them together.

  1. Simple get the ssd instance number from path_to_inst. For example:
    # grep " 19 \"ssd\"" /etc/path_to_inst
    "/scsi_vhci/ssd@g600a0b800047157000001d124ebacf17" 19 "ssd"
  2. Then all we have to do is match the path_to_inst entry with an entry in the output from format... So we now confirm that ssd19 maps to diskc6t60060E8004F25E000000F25E00000DE9d0
    2. c6t60060E8004F25E000000F25E00000DE9d0