A collection of system administration hints and tips, tricks and articles for the Solaris operating system in all its variants.

Adding a SAMBA user

posted on 22nd Apr, 2013

This is a short how-to post to provide simple steps to add users to a SAMBA environment.

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Setting default route on Solaris (updated)

posted on 24th Feb, 2013

A HowTo article to add or edit the Default Gateway or Default Router in Sun Solaris Operating System.

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How to build a Solaris Branded Zone

posted on 20th Aug, 2014

This is a standard question for Solaris administrators who unfortunately have requirements for an older Solaris 9 kernel for a legacy application.

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Installing EMC PowerPath on Solaris

posted on 14th Jan, 2013

EMC PowerPath for Solaris automates data path management, failover and recovery, and optimizes load balancing to ensure application availability.

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Autosave Oracle VM configuration

posted on 13th Apr, 2014

The autosave feature is to ensure a copy of the current configuration is automatically saved whenever the Logical Domains configuration is changed.

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LDOM cheat sheet

posted on 31st Dec, 2012

This document is designed to be a a quick platform specific cheat sheet to help engineers run important LDOM task on Sun SPARC systems

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Fixing a prtdiag hung process

posted on 19th Nov, 2012

fixing a prtdiag hang under solaris

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How to view LDOM configuration as non-root user

posted on 5th Nov, 2012

If you try to view LDOM configuration information as a non-root user under Solaris...

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