Changes to the NMC database backup

NetWorker 18.2 now performs an NMC database backup as a separate backup action in the NMC Server backup workflow, which is part of the Server Protection policy.

The NMC database backup action creates a staging directory for the database files, performs a backup of the staging directory, and then deletes the contents of the staging directory.

In NetWorker 8.1.x and 8.2.x, the NMC server configuration process created a Client resource for NMC database backups on the NetWorker server. The Client resource contained the following value in the Save set attribute:


where <server> is the short name of the NMC server host.

When the update process detects a Client resource for the NMC backup, NetWorker migrates the Client resource, but does not add it to the Protection Group associated with NetWorker 8.1.x and 8.2.x Group resource that contained the NMC Client resource. The migration process makes the following attribute changes to the Client resource for the NMC server database backup:

  • Updates the value in the Save set attribute. The Save set field for the client contains the path to the database staging directory. By default, the staging directory is located in:
    • /opt/lgtonmc/nmcdb_stage on Solaris and Linux based systems
    • C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\Management\nmcdb_stage on Windows.
    Note: The file system that contains the staging directory must have free disk space that is a least equal to the size of the current NMC database.
  • Clears the values in the Level and Retention attributes.

When you log in to the NMC server for the first time after an update, the configuration wizard prompts you to define the NetWorker server that will backup the NMC database. When you configure the NMC database backup, the NetWorker server performs the following actions:

  • Creates a group called NMC server.
  • Adds the Client resource to the NMC server group.
  • Creates a workflow that is called NMC server backup in the Server Protection policy. The workflow contains the NMC server backup action, which performs a full backup of the NMC server database every day at 2 P.M.
  • Adds the NMC server group to the NMC server backup workflow.