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SSH configuration and security best practices

Here is a list of processes and configurations that you can use to tighten and enhance SSH security with regard to remote host access

Setting up an SSHD failover daemon in Ubuntu

A simple article on how to create a failover SSH server on a Ubuntu system, allowing you to connect on an alternative port of the original SSHD fails

How to allow root login on Solaris 11

After your installation of Solaris 11 has completed, you will not be able to login directly to the console as the root user

Restricting Access to SSH Connections

A set of direcetives that are under used are the AllowUsers, AllowGroups, DenyUsers and DenyGroups to restrict user and groups remote access with SSH.

Restricting SFTP users with chrooted access

In a nutshell users will be tied-down to a specific directory which they will not be able to move from, thus prevention from seeing you entire system