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client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Whilst its an annoyance, this message is harmless. Here we show three examples of how you can overcome this issue.

SSH related commands

A short article which provides a brief description for ssh related commands

Solaris Secure by Default

This project changes the default configuration of the Solaris OS such that ssh is the only network-listening service.

Setting up an SSHD failover daemon in Ubuntu

A simple article on how to create a failover SSH server on a Ubuntu system, allowing you to connect on an alternative port of the original SSHD fails

How to allow root login on Solaris 11

After your installation of Solaris 11 has completed, you will not be able to login directly to the console as the root user

Using SSH login without password

An article outlining steps needed to be able to use the SSH to access a remote system without supplying a password each time that you connect.

SSH Cheat Sheet

This post provides me with a reminder of the syntax for the most useful SSH features I use whist auditing systems.

Securing SSH on Solaris 10

It is strongly recommended that sites abandon older clear-text login protocols and use SSH to prevent sniffing of sensitive data off the network

Restricting Access to SSH Connections

A set of direcetives that are under used are the AllowUsers, AllowGroups, DenyUsers and DenyGroups to restrict user and groups remote access with SSH.

How to configure Single-Sign-On using OpenSSH on HP/UX

How to configure SSH to allow access using GSSAPI and achieve single-sign-on using vendor supplied OpenSSH or OpenSSH downloaded from the internet.

Gaining root access to VBA via ssh

This post provides the steps necessary to log into a VBA through SSH and load the dpnid key to ensure all the commands are run correctly.

Avamar shutdown procedure

This post provides a quick guide to the steps needed to shutdown an Avamar system.

Cloning a Solaris zone

The beauty of zones under Solaris for me is the ability to clone any zone and then easily adapt it for it's new resources and function.

Restricting SFTP users with chrooted access

In a nutshell users will be tied-down to a specific directory which they will not be able to move from, thus prevention from seeing you entire system