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Troubleshooting Raid Manager (RM6)

A collection of troublshooting tips for the raid manager software for controlling the Sun StorEdge A1000, RSM200, A3x00 storage arrays.


Permits you to create, delete logical units and hot spare drives, set LUN caching parameters, and perform battery management from a cli or script.

RM6 drivutil examples

Allows you to obtain drive and LUN information, revive a LUN, fail and unfail a drive, and obtain LUN reconstruction progress.

RM6 Hardware Reset

This post provides steps needed to restart the configuration of an Sun StorEdge A1000 or Sun StorEdge A3x00 storage array back to factory defaults.

Raid Manager (RM6) cheat sheet

Raid Manager (RM6) is the software product the enables you to manipulate the disks in an A1000, RSM2000 or an A3x00(fc).