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Resolving NetWorker media database corruption

The scope of this post is to provide a procedure resolving a common issue whereby NetWorker does not recycle tapes due to index corruption.

Deleting Savesets in NetWorker 7.5x

In versions of NetWorker 7.4.x and below, it was always possible to use nsrmm to delete savesets that exist on disk backup units

Client Index and Media Database Integrity

To verify the integrity of the NetWorker client file indexes use the nsrck command and to verify media database use nsrim.

Manually pruning NetWorker indexes

nsrim be default is executed by nsrd after a savegrp completes it's cycle.

What is the NetWorker volume expiration date?

A NetWorker volume expiration date is set by default at two years from the date that the volume was most recently labelled.

Resolving NetWorker duplicate volume names

This can occurs when Relabelling existing or new media via the command line or using the GUI where cartridge barcode differ to the internal label

Setting the NOTSCAN flag on a volume in NetWorker

nsrim is unable to remove expired savesets which prevents data domain from performing housekeeping and prevents removing any data from the volumes

NetWorker Client Index Management

This article will illustrate the tools, concepts and techniques that you can use to develop your own custom NetWorker index management procedure.

How to completely remove a NetWorker client

A word of caution: before you begin removing a client, make sure you have a recent bootstrap backup; If we make any mistakes we can easily recover