VxFS bug manifests as a backup issue

There is a rather nasty bug found in VxFS 3.3.1 that appears to manifest itself as a backup related issue when using Solstice Backup (aka Legato NetWorker) to backup VxFS file systems.

When you backup vxfs filesysten you see errors of this type in /nsr/logs/messages:

(/u01/oracle/ACC/slax/mesg/): Too many open files
db1:/u01 save: Unexpected return value from ACL function call `/u01/oracle/ACC/slax/': 0

This manifestation is seen regardless of the version of Solstice Backup/Legato NetWorker used (it has been seen in 4.x and 5.x). Basically, VxFS file systems don't get backed up, but UFS filesystems are fine.

The fix is an upgraded VxFS driver from Veritas and the instructions to obtain this are below.

Download the VxFS patch

  1. ftp ftp.veritas.com
    • userid is anonymous
    • password is your <e-mail address>
  2. Change remote directory to /pub/support
    ftp> cd /pub/support
    (you will not be able to see the contents of this directory)
  3. Change transfer mode to binary
    ftp> bin
  4. Download the VxFS patch
    ftp> get vxfs5_5:331p-28724.Z

Install the VxFS patch

To apply the patched driver:

  1. uncompress the downloaded patched driver
    # uncompress vxfs5_5:331p-28724.Z
  2. copy the patched driver to /kernel/fs
    # cp vxfs5_5:331p-28724 /kernel/fs
  3. unmount all VxFS filesystems
  4. rebuild the link file vxfs to point to patched driver:
    • Change directory to /kernel/fs
      # cd /kernel/fs
    • Remove the vxfs symbolic link
      # rm vxfs
    • Create vxfs symbolic link to the new patched driver
      # ln -s /kernel/fs/vxfs5_6:331p-28724 vxfs
  5. remount VxFS filesystems