Unable to upgrade to NetWorker on Windows servers

I've recently come across an issue at a number of customers sites where we are unable to perform an upgrade from EMC NetWorker build 488 or NW build 495 to the latest release on NW build 510.

When starting the EMC NetWorker Windows Installer it does not give an option to perform an upgrade. In fact the only options available are to repair or uninstall.

Your only option if you must upgrade is to:

  1. Uninstall the older version
  2. Install tne newer version

I also have the same issue with the following builds:

15-Jan-2015, build 510

fails - same issue
09-Feb-2015,, build 517 fails - same issue
17-Mar-2015 8.2.0.x build 753 I can successfully upgrade from any 8.2.0.x to the latest release.