Renaming a NetWorker server with nsrclientfix

This post provides a simple procedure that allows you to rename a NetWorker server using the nsrclientfix command.

In this procedure, the following names are used to represent the current NetWorker server name and the new NetWorker server name.

  • Current NetWorker Server Name: oldsvr.fqdn
  • New NetWorker Server Name: newsvr.fqdn
  1. Add the new NetWorker server name as an alias of the current NetWorker server name in the /etc/hosts file or in DNS. For example: newsvr.fqdn oldsvr.fqdn
    NOTE: Ensure that the IP address is the same as the old NetWorker server IP address. The new NetWorker server name should be the first alias mentioned in the /etc/hosts file.
  2. Add the new NetWorker server name to the current name aliases field. For example:
    C:\> nsradmin
    NetWorker administration program.
    Use the "help" command for help.
    nsradmin> . type:NSR client;name:oldsvr.fqdn
    Current query set
    nsradmin> show aliases
    nsradmin> p
                         aliases: oldsvr.fqdn;
    nsradmin> update aliases: newsvr.fqdn, oldsvr.fqdn
                         aliases: newsvr.fqdn, oldsvr.fqdn;
    Append? y
    updated resource id
    nsradmin> p
                         aliases: newsvr.fqdn, oldsvr.fqdn;
    nsradmin> quit
  3. Create a text file with the new_name and the current_name of the NetWorker server. On Solaris or Linux, type the following command:
    # echo "newsvr.fqdn, oldsvr.fqdn" > newname
    On Windows, type the following command:
    C:\> copy con newname
    newsvr.fqdn, oldsvr.fqdn
    1 file(s)  copied.
  4. Use the nsrclientfix command to rename the NetWorker server. For example:
    C:\> nsrclientfix -u newname
    Merging the following clients into 'newsvr.fqdn':oldsvr.fqdn
    Merging the resource database for client 'newsvr.fqdn'.
    Merging the media database for client 'newsvr.fqdn'.
    The merging is complete for client 'newsvr.fqdn'.
  5. Verify that the NetWorker server has been renamed. For example:
    nsradmin> . type:NSR client
    Current query set
    nsradmin> show name
    nsradmin> show client id
    nsradmin> p
         name: newsvr.fqdn;
         client id: 5aa7777c-00000004-53704f3e-53704f3d-00010c00-be650229;
    nsradmin> quit
    C:\> mminfo -avot -r client,clientid,name | findstr bootstrap
    newsvr.fqdn 5aa7777c-00000004-53704f3e-53704f3d-00010c00-be650229 bootstrap
  6. Rename the operating system name to the new NetWorker server name. For example:
    1. Ensure that the /etc/hosts file has the new name. You must ensure that you delete the old server name from the /etc/hosts file.
    2. Delete the old name entries from the client aliases field.
    3. Rename the NetWorker server to the new NetWorker server name at the OS level.
    4. Reboot the NetWorker server.