Sun StorADE (Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment)

The StorADE software is used for the fault management of Sun storage devices. It provides full-time device monitoring, local and remote notification, diagnostics, revision analysis, reports, and integration with appropriate device management software.

The agents supplied by the software can be used to collect data and analyze the condition of Sun StorEdge devices. The diagnostics can be used to verify the condition of a system, identify failing FRUs, and verify FRU replacement.

The following platforms are qualified for the Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment software:

  • Sun platforms:
    • All Sun SPARC servers
  • Operating systems:
    • Solaris 10 Operating System
    • Solaris 9 Operating System
    • Solaris 8 Operating System, 4/01 or later
    Refer to the Best Practices for Deploying the Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment Utility (doc 817-5205-10)

Sun StorADE consists of two base software packages and five optional localization software packages:

  • SUNWstade -- The base product package containing all product functions except the web browser-based user interface. The base package contains a command-line interface (CLI) for product configuration and use.
  • SUNWstadm -- This optional package adds a web browser-based graphical user interface to StorADE.
  • Also included are five optional localization packages:
    SUNWstafr, SUNWstaja, SUNWstako, SUNWstazh, SUNWstazt

When you run the installation script, you have the following options:

  • Install just the SUNWstade base package
  • Install both the SUNWstade base package and the SUNWstadm user interface

The SUNWstade package is installed in /opt/SUNWstade/ and log files and device information are in /var/opt/SUNWstade. It cannot be relocated to any other location. The SUNWstadm package is installed in the /usr/share/webconsole/storade directory and cannot be relocated to another location.


  1. Remove any prior version of the application:
    # pkgrm SUNWstade
    NOTE: Sun StorADE does not support upgrades from earlier versions. You must remove any existing version before installing a later release.
  2. Remove the data directory and ensure that the base directory is removed:
    # /bin/rm -rf /var/opt/SUNWstade
    # /bin/rm -rf /opt/SUNWstade
  3. Download StorADE from the Sun download page.
    NOTE: This product is available for theĀ  SPARC platform only. There are no versions for Intel/AMD platforms.
    (As of writing the latest download is CDImage_2.4.12.009.tar.Z)
  4. Uncompress and extract the .tar file:
    # uncompress <filename>.tar.Z
    # tar xvf <filename>.tar
    change <filename> to match the file you downloaded.
  5. Run the install script:
    # ./install
    Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment (Storage A.D.E.) installation ...
    Current time: Fri 19 May 10:27:11 UTC 2006
    Note: A log will be saved to: /var/sadm/install/Storage_ADE/Install.log
    This script installs the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment software,
    referred to as Storage A.D.E., for your storage system. Software components
    included in this distribution include:
    o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition
    o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI
    Please refer to the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment 2.4 release
    notes for the Enterprise Edition and Management Station UI before installing
    this product.
    Do you want to install ....
    o The Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition [y/n] : y
    o The Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI [y/n] : y
    The Java Web Console is required by the Management Station UI and is
    not currently installed. Version 2.2 will be automatically installed
    by this program in order to satisfy this requirement.
    You have selected to install the following:
    o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition
    o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI
    o Java Web Console 2.2
    Is this correct? [y/n] : y
    Once the install has completed you see the following:
    Installation successful
    | You have installed the following:                                     |
    |                                                                       |
    | o Java Web Console 2.2 - Success                                      |
    | o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Enterprise Edition - Success                   |
    | o Storage A.D.E. 2.4 - Management Station UI - Success                |
    |                                                                       |
    | The UI can be accessed at the URL : https://<hostname>:6789/                |
    Finished at: Fri 19 May 10:46:02 UTC 2006
    Note: A log has been saved to: /var/sadm/install/Storage_ADE/Install.log
  6. Download the latest StorADE patches from SunSolve and install them in the following order:
    • 117650 (SUNWstade)
    • 117654 (SUNWstadm)

Running StorADE for the first time

When you first log in to the web interface, your landing page will probably be Site Setup. However, in this example, we will work with CLI options.

You must setup site information before you can continue to use StorADE:

  1. Change to the StorADE bin directory and start ras_admin with the argument site_info_upd:.
    # cd /opt/SUNWstade/bin
    # ./ras_admin site_info_ipd
    Type 'q' to quit
    Enter Company Name*             : Your Company
    Enter Contract Number           :
    Enter Site Name*                : Office name
    Enter Address                   : 000 Any Street
    Enter Address 2                 :
    Enter Mail Stop                 :
    Enter City*                     : Anywhere
    Enter State                     :
    Enter Zip Code                  :
    Enter Country*                  : UK
    Enter Primary Contact Name*     : Your Name
    Enter Primary Telephone Number  :
    Enter Primary Extension         :
    Enter Primary Contact Email*    :
    Follow the prompts to supply the information requested. Prompts marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields
  2. Enter y to save the specified site information.
    Do you want to save these values [y=yes, n=no, q=quit]: y

Discovering Devices

  1. To discover supported devices use your favourite text editor and modify the device configuration file /etc/deviceIP.conf
  2. For each device to be discovered, specify the device IP address, the device name, the device type and comments, using the following syntax:
    ip-addr  name  type  # comment

    The device name that you specify will be used if the device name cannot be retrieved automatically from the device itself.

    For example:

    # cat /etc/deviceIP.conf    sf4809           # SF480R, basement lab   sa3510   3510    # SE3510, basement lab   sa3910a  sa      # SE3910, basement lab  sat311           # T3, 1st floor lab  swmc1b   mcdata  # mcdata switch, 1st floor lab  stsam2b  samfs   # SAM-QFS, 1st floor lab

    Valid device types include: brocade, inrange, mcdata, samfs, se, se2, switch, switch2, t3, 2210, 3320, 3510, 3511, 5210, 5310, 6020, 6120, 5130, 9900

  3. Execute the ras_admin command with the argument deiscover_deviceIP. This will use your configuration stored in /etc/deviceIP.conf:
    # cd /opt/SUNWstade/bin
    # ./ras_admin discover_deviceIP
      Reading deviceIP: sf4809 # SF480R, basement lab
       Start Discover:fromIP on
        - snmp sysDesc is Sun SNMP Agent, Sun-Fire-480R
      Reading deviceIP:  sa3510  3510  # SF350, basement lab
       Start Discover::fromIP on
        - found 1 device(s)
Initialising Slave Agents

If you have slave agents, you must set up the slave agents to report to the master agent of the Sun StorADE. This step is required on all slave hosts that will report to the master agent.

  • To initialize a slave agent, issue the following command:
    # /opt/SUNWstade/bin/ras_install
    -s <hostname>
    where <hostname> is the IP name, FQDN, or IP address of the host on which the master agent is installed.

Email Notifications

Notification setup is required so that if something adverse happens to your storage network, StorADE can notify someone about the problem. There are two classes of notification recipients:

  1. local -- Local notification methods include local email, SNMP traps, and Sun Management Center (SunMC) notification.
  2. remote -- Remote notification methods are specifically targeted for Sun and include Network Storage Command Center (NSCC) email and Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect.

For this example, we will setup simple email notifications. The default options are ok:

  1. Change to the StorADE bin directory:
    # cd /opt/SUNWstade/bin
  2. For each email recipient you want to add, execute ras_admin with the argument email_add and -e email-address. For example:
    # ./ras_admin email_add -e -s mailsvr
    SMTP server = mailsvr
    Entry  Email/Events                  Type       Device     Priority        Events    Active
    ------ ----------------------------- ---------- ---------- --------------- --------- -------
    1            Email      All        Crit. & Above   All       Yes
    See command's usage: 
    Usage: ras_admin email_add -e email_address -c -t type list -l priority -s SMTP_server [-h]
    -c is a list of components enclosed by "'s to send notification on.
       IE: -c "t3 switch"
       If no -c option is given, all device notifications will be sent.
    -l is the priority of of alerts to be sent
       Valid options are:
       ALL, Major_and_above, Critical_and_above, Down, Critical, Major, Information
       IE: -l Major_and_above
       If no -l option is given, Critical and above emails will be sent
    -t is the type of notification, email or pager.
       IE: -t pager
       If no -t option is given, email will be sent.

For more information on the ras_admin CLI command, see the ras_admin(1M) man page.