StorEdge SRC/P Intelligent SCSI Raid Controller

The SRC/P Controller is a host based, three channel Ultra SCSI Raid controller card with 64bit PCI system interface and a dedicated processor. The card supports the following RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0 and 5+0. LSU's (Logical Storage Units) are created from the GUI that is shipped with the controller card (dptmgr).

The card provides three independent single-ended channels with three high density 68pin external SCSI connections that are Fast/Wide and Ultra/Wide capable and three internal 68pin connectors which are Ultra/Wide capable. Each channel supports either internal disk drives (where applicable) or external storage devices - but _NOT_ both.

Each SRC/P Controller supports 36 disk drives per card, and also supports disk hot swapping so that drives can be replaced when the system is operational. The card also has an onboard battery backup module that supports the cache, this protects data not yet written to the drives from being lost when the power is lost.