Setting up BMC event log file and size

The event log file is a repository that is stored locally on computers monitored by agents. It is not the same as the event cache, which is in memory.

When the cache becomes full, events are removed from it and placed in the repository file, which uses the following naming convention:


Naming the event log file

The /AgentSetup/pemLogName configuration variable determines the naming format of the event log. The log file is stored in PATROL_HOME/log location.

Format and type of data Text string (no spaces), not applicable
Default value PEM_<hostname>-<portnum>.log
Minimum and maximum Not applicable
Dependencies None
Recommendation If you change the name, use a name that indicates the log's purpose and origin.

Setting the event log file size

The /AgentSetup/pemLogSize configuration variable controls the maximum size in bytes of the event log. The PEM log file is a circular file. When the file fills up, the agent deletes older events to accommodate new ones.

Format and type of data Numeric, bytes
Default value 1024000
Minimum and maximum 20480 and none If you set the PEM log file size to 0 (zero), the events are not saved to disk and any previous PEM log file remains unmodified. If you set the size higher than 0 but less than 20480, (minimum), the agent sets it to 1024000 (default).
Dependencies None
Recommendation A larger file size stores more events in the event history but consumes more system resources. Carefully consider the size of the file.