Event log for BMC Patrol 9.5

The BMC PATROL agent records events in a proprietary format. The latest events are stored in memory for quick access. This memory space is an array of structures that is called the PEM cache. As new events are created, older events are written to a log file called the PEM log. BMC PATROL provides a utility that enables you to extract information about events from the log file.

Stored events

In the standard event catalog, which is accessible through the console, you can determine whether an event is stored in the PEM log by setting the event's life expectancy. Storage options include:

  • delete if closed,
  • delete if information,
  • do not store,
  • store

Location of event log files

The following table indicates the file name and path of the event log files:

Table 1 : Location of event log files
event log file UNIX PATROL_HOME/log/PEM_<host>_<port>.log
Windows PATROL_HOME\log\PEM_<host>_<port>.log

Contents of event log

The BMC PATROL Agent Event log records the information shown in the following table for each event:

Information stored in event log
Information typeDescription
event ID The order in which the event occurred
status The event's current status
type The type of event
node The host from which the event originated
origin The monitored object that triggered the event
time and date The time and date that the event occurred
event description A brief description of the nature of the event
event diary Comments about what triggered this event or what type of actions were taken in response to this event Users add these comments and the event manager time-stamps each entry.