Legato NetWorker diagnostic tools

A variety of diagnostic tools are available as operating system services and as part of the Legato NetWorker product. This post describes some diagnostic tools that are useful to diagnose issues with Legato NetWorker.

Communications Tests

To verify that communications sessions can be established, test with ping and rpcinfo, which are tools provided with the operating system software.

As Legao NetWorker relies heavily on mapping of ports, use rpcinfo to test the operation of the portmapper. Using ping tests the connection up to the network layer in the OSI model; rpcinfo checks for communication up to the session layer.

Diagnostic Report

Legato NetWorker includes a script called nsr_support that generates an exhaustive diagnostic report. Typically, you run nsr_support only at the request of Legato Technical Support. Redirect the output of the script to a file and then e-mail the file for analysis. To run the script and redirect the output, become root on the system and enter the nsr_support command at the shell prompt:

# nsr_support > /tmp/filename

For further information about the nsr_support command, refer to the nsr_support man page.

UPDATE [21-May-2008]

  • The support gathering script (nsr_support) is missing from 7.4 base install and from 7.4sp1/7.4sp2 product patches - This is currently under investigation.
  • As a workaround I recommended you copy over the nsrsup or nsr_support files from an older release into the nsr directory on to your EBS/NW 7.4 system. Use the following table to download the corresponding files/README for the desired platform.
OS Platform
Solaris Sparc x64 x86
Linux x86 x86_64
Windows x86[1] x64[1] ia64
HP-UX 11 64 ia64
Other AIX Irix Tru64 UNIX MacOSX NetWare

NOTE: The windows binary (nsrsup.exe) has only been copied from NetWorker 7.3 media and not tested. (dependancies on other binaries/libraries may exist)