Renaming Sun Cluster node names

Sometimes a hostname need to be changed especially when your customer wants to make the server names more orderly to correctly identify your machine or applications.

  • Make a copy of /etc/cluster/ccr/infrastructure file
  • Edit /etc/cluster/ccr/infrastructure file and change the node names as required, For example
    • Before:    OLDSVR1    OLDSVR2
    • After:    NEWSVR1    NEWSVR2
  • (optional) Change the Solaris node names in /etc/hosts and /etc/nodename to match the new server names (see this post for additional files to edit)
  • Regenerate the checksum for the infrastructure file:
    # ccradm -i /etc/cluster/ccr/infrastructore -o
  • (optional) If running VxVM, change the global-id for VxVM as well (adds the new hostid to /etc/vx/volboot file)
    # vxdctl hostid NEWSVR1
  • Shutdown the cluster
    # cluster shutdown -g 0 -y
  • Boot both nodes with the new values
    ok boot

Note: This procedure can be run with the cluster online but you will need to shutdown and reboot the cluster to make changes effective