Displaying Solaris processor information

This is a simple article on using psrinfo, prtdiag and prtconf to find processor information on a Solaris system.

Using psrinfo

psrinfo displays more detailed information of the Processors including the number of Physical processors on the system and the number of virtual processors on the system. Each virtual processor is in its own a seperate entity.

Run psrinfo as root without arguments gives a quick summary of the processors with its IDs and the time since online.

# which psrinfo
# psrinfo
0 on-line since 17/09/2007 11:53:19

For a more detailed output use the verbose option. This gives much more detailed information including processor type, operating speed etc for every available processor.

# psrinfo -v
Status of virtual processor 0 as of: 17/09/2007 13:34:02
on-line since 17/09/2007 11:53:19
The i386 processor operates at 2000 MHz,
and has an i387 compatible floating point processor.

Using prtdiag

This can once again give a summarised information on the processor version and its ID.

# which prtdiag
# prtdiag
System Configuration: VMware, Inc. VMware Virtual Platform
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix Technologies LTD 6.00 04/17/2006
==== Processor Sockets ====================================
Version Location Tag
——————————— —————————
Pentium(R) Pro CPU socket #0

Using prtconf

Based on the installed drivers, you can find the information on the CPUs on the system.

# which prtconf
# prtconf
System Configuration: Sun Microsystems i86pc
Memory size: 512 Megabytes
System Peripherals (Software Nodes):
cpus (driver not attached)
cpu, instance #0 (driver not attached)