NSRJB Quick Reference Guide

The nsrjb command is one of the most useful utilities in the NetWorker system. nsrjb is the primary interface to your tape library.

You can use nsrjb to display information about the tapes and slots in your library, load and mount tape volumes, label tapes, deposit and withdraw tapes.

The NetWorker system also uses nsrjb internally when it needs to perform functions with the tape library. The functions that the nsrjb command provides are so numerous that they can seem to make your mind spin at times. It is for just that reason I have included tis quick reference guide.

This one sheet guide should give you the most common commands that you will need to perform.

Display information on volumes in library (nsrjb -C)
Display information on the entire library: nsrjb -C
Display information on selected slots: nsrjb -C -S550-559
Label volumes (nsrjb -L)
Label a tape: nsrjb -L -b "CSL_Clone" -S529 -Y
Load and mount volumes (nsrjb -l)
Load a volume: nsrjb -l -S5 -j L180
Load and mount a volume in read-only mode: nsrjb -l -S5 -r -j L180
Load and mount a volume bt volume name: nsrjb -l -j L180 smurf.005
Load and mount a volume on a specific drive: nsrjb -l -f /dev/rmt/2cbn smurf.004
Unload volumes (nsrjb -u)
Unload by slot number: nsrjb -u -S5 -j L180
Unload by volume name: nsrjb -u -j L180 smurf.002
Unload by device name: nsrjb -u -f /dev/rmt/1cbn
Inventory jujebox slots (nsrjb -I)
Inventory the entire library: nsrjb -I
Inventory the tape in specific slots: nsrjb -I -S 1-10
Set the mode of a volume or range of slots (nsrjb -o)
Set a range of volumes "not recycleable": nsrjb -o notrecycleable -S 12-23 -Y
Reset jukebox hardware (nsrjb -H)
Performing a tape library hardware reset: nsrjb -H
Performing a tape library & element hardware reset: nsrjb -HE
Display history of jukebox commands (nsrjb -h)
Display history of nsrjb commands: nsrjb -h
Set cleaning tape number of uses (nsrjb -U)
Set the number of uses for a cleaning tape: nsrjb -U 10 -S 559
Remove a cleaning tape from NetWorkers inventory: nsrjb -U remove -S 559
Display jukebox vendor information (nsrjb -V)
Display jukebox vendor information: nsrjb -V
Display jukebox configuration information nsrjb -V -v
Deposit a tape from the CAP to a slot (nsrjb -d)
Deposit a tape into the library: nsrjb -d -P1 -S552
Deposit multiple tapes into the library: nsrjb -d -P1-2 -S525-526
Withdraw a tape from the CAP to a slot (nsrjb -w)
Withdraw a tape into the library: nsrjb -w -P1 -S552
Withdraw multiple tapes into the library: nsrjb -w -P1-2 -S525-526