MMRECOV Quick Reference Guide

Before you can run mmrecov, you need to make sure the following items have been addressed:

  • The NetWorker software is installed, operational and the processes for UNIX servers, or services for Windows servers, are running.
  • If this is a complete recovery, a re-installation of NetWorker, make sure all patches that were applied to the production server have been applied to the new installation.
  • You must have the latest bootstrap saveset and report available.

Running mmrecov

root@alpha99# mmrecov
mmrecov: Using alpha99 as server


  • mmrecov is used to recover the NetWorker server's media index and resource files from media, backup tapes or disks, when any of the critical NetWorker data has been lost or damaged.
  • Note that this command will OVERWRITE the server's exisiting media index.
  • mmrecov is not used to recover NetWorker client's on-line indexes; normal recover procedures may be used for this purpose.<mmre/li>
  • See the Legato NetWorker Disaster Recovery Guide for more details
root@alpha99# mmrecov
mmrecov: Using alpha99 as server

What is the name of the device you plan on using [/dev/rmt/0cbn]> <enter>
/dev/rmt/0cbn: unmounted smurf.004

Enter the latest bootstrap save set id: 1104398081
Enter starting file number (if known) [0]: 14
Enter starting record number (if known) [0]: 0

Please insert the volume on which save set id 1104398081 started into /dev/rmt/0cbn. When you have done this, press <RETURN>: <enter&gr;

Scanning /dev/rmt/0cbn for save set 1104398081; this may take a while...
scanner: scanning dlt tape smurf.004 on /dev/rmt/0cbn
scanner: ssid 1104398081: scan complete
scanner: ssid 1104398081: 105 KB, 8 file(s)
/dev/rmt/0cbn: verifying label, moving backward 2 file(s)
/dev/rmt/0cbn: verifying label, moving backward 1 file(s)
/dev/rmt/0cbn: mounted dlt tape smurf.004 (write protected)
  • If your resource files were lost, they are now recovered in the /nsr/res.R directory. Copy or move then to /nsr/res directory, after you have shutdown the service, then restart NetWorker
  • If the on-line index for alpha99 was lost, it can be recovered using the nsrck command

Recovering the resources (res) files

When mmrecov finishes, it places the recovered res files in the directory:


In most mmrecov situations you will want to use these recovered res files. To activate the recovered res files, perform the following:

  • Shutdown the NetWorker daemons/services
  • Rename the /nsr/res directory to /nsr/res/orig
  • Rename the /nsr/res.R directory to /nsr/res
  • Restart the NetWorker daemons/services