NetWorker probe based backups

A NetWorker 7.5 server can now be configured to schedule probe-based backups that are based on user-defined events for clients and NetWorker modules. No longer does scheduling have to be based just on time.

The processing of probe based backups occurs through a probe based backup group. Instead of "Start Time", probe interval and backup window attributes are used to schedule the group. The group can also have a number of probes associated with it. The execution of the probes determines if the backup of the group will proceed. For this release, a probe based group can have only one probe per backup client.

An event probe is a script or a binary that is provided by NetWorker Database modules or by users. Probes are placed in a directory on the client where nsrjobd can request their execution. All probe configuration information is stored on the NetWorker Server.

Server Administration

Probe Based Backups - Server Administration

A probe-based backup is performed by first creating a user defined client probe. To create a client probe:. From the NetWorker Administration window, click the Configuration view. Right-click on probes, and select New. The Create NSR probe window opens. Determine what you would like to call the probe and type the name of the probe in the Name: field. The name of the probe must begin with the letters nsr or save.

If you prefer, include details for the probe script in the Comment: field, however this is optional. Type the name, and path of the probe script in the Command: field and click ok.

Client Properties

Probe Based Backups - Client Properties

The next step is to associate a probe resource with a Client resource. To do this:

In the left pane of the NetWorker Administration window click Clients, from the list of displayed clients right-click on a client and select Properties. In the Apps & Modules tab, select the probe from the Probe resource name: list.

When completed create a probe backup group and run the probe backup group the same as you would a regular NetWorker save group.

For more details on guidelines and parameters for setting up probe based backups refer to the Probe Based Backups section of the NetWorker 7.5 Administration Guide