NetWorker bootstrap management quick reference guide

The savegrp command is used to generate the bootstrap saveset. Depending upon your level of paranoia, you may wish to generate several full bootstrap savesets throughout the day.

The following command can be used to generate a full bootstrap saveset.

savegrp -O -l full -c networker_server group_name


-O Only save the client index files and for the server also save the bootstrap
-l full Specifies that the level of the backup should be full
-c networker_server Specifies the NetWorker servers name
group_name Specifies the group name that contains the NetWorker server

Scripting a bootstrap backup


system "system "savegrp \-O \-l full \-c alpha99 bsgroup";

Bootstrap mminfo report

mminfo -B

Cloning the bootstrap saveset

system "mminfo \-N bootstrap -r \"ssid\" \-q \"copies<2\" | nsrclone \-b \"OffSiteClone\" \-S \-f\-;

The script shown above is a bit cryptic because of quirkiness that perl imposes with all the "\"s. The actual command that will be executed is as follows:-

mminfo -N bootstrap -r "ssid" -q "copies<2" | nsrclone -b "OffSiteClone" -S -f-

Using scanner to find the bootstrap savesets

To run scanner ot obtain the ssid and file location of the latest bootstrap saveset, perform the following steps:

Mount the tape drive that you think contains the latest bootstrap saveset. Enter the following command:

scanner -B device_name

For example:

>scanner -B /dev/rmt/1cbn
- or -
scanner -B \\.\Tape0
scanner -B //dev/rmt/1cbn
scanner: scanning dlt tale smurf.004 on /dev/rmt/1cbn
scanner: done with dlt tape smurf.004

scanner: Bootstrap 1101752065 of 01/13/01 10:44:39 located on volume smurf.004, file 22.

Best practices

  • Perform a full bootstrap save at least once a day
  • Clone your bootstrap savesets
  • Keep a clone of your bootstrap saveset at on off-site location
  • Keep a current copy of the bootstrap report at an offsite location
  • File current copies of the bootstrap report in your office
  • Automate the bootstrap reporting using scripts or the NetWorker notification facility
  • Automate the bootstrap saveset generation and cloning process