Basic Concepts of LDOM or Oracle VM for SPARC

LDOM is a hardware based virtualization which works on top the hypervisor. To understand better, you should know the type of terms used in LDOM or Oracle VM for SPARC.

LDOM Basic Concept

  • Control Domain is the place where you are going to install the LDOM software and managing the complete logical domain environment. It used to configure the resources and guest domains
  • Service domain provides the various virtual services to guest domains.Virtual services can be virtual disks,network switches or virtual consoles.Mostly we will be configuring the control domain as service domain too.
  • I/O Domains have a direct ownership of PCI Bus.You need to directly map the I/O devices to guest domain to improve the application performance in some cases. There is an another domain called “root domain” and this domain has direct ownership of PCI devices. So it also called I/O domain.
  • Guest domains doesn't performing any of the above mentioned roles. It just runs the operating system instances.
  • Control domain and service domain can be run together.But the user application should not be installed on this domain in a order to protect domain stability and performance.