How to verify if LDom services are started

In general we require two services running on the Control domain (aka Primary domain) in order for LDoms to working correctly.

# svcs | grep ldoms
ldmd Logical Domains Manager daemon The ldmd is the daemon program for the ldm command, which is used to create and manage logical domains. There can be only one Logical Domains Manager per server. The ldmd daemon runs on the control domain, which is the initial domain created by the service processor (SP). The control domain is generally named primary.
vntsd Virtual Network Terminal Server daemon The vntsd daemon is a server that supports connections to the Logical Domains (LDoms) console by using telnet. vntsd sends telnet options to the client indicating a willingness to remotely echo characters and to suppress go ahead.

The state of both services must be online. If the state of either service is disabled, we can attempt to restart them using the svcadm commands:

# svcadm disable /ldoms/vntsd
# svcadm enable /ldoms/vntsd
# svcadm disable /ldoms/ldmd
# svcadm enable /ldoms/ldmd

If either of the services are in maintenance review the associated service log files for any issues:

ServiceLogfile location
ldmd /var/svc/log/ldoms-ldmd:default.log
vntsd /var/svc/log/ldoms-vntsd:default.log
Also check /var/adm/messages as this may also show errors relating to the LDoms

One issue I have seen on numerous occasions is not being able to telnet to a guest LDOM. If this is the case and you are unable to telnet to a guest ldom from the control domain, you may need to stop and restart the vntsd service on the control domain.:

# svcadm disable /ldoms/vntsd
# svcadm enable /ldoms/vntsd