Common Solaris and AIX logical volume management tasks

The following is a list of tasks that are used when performing logical volume management in Solaris and AIX. The information in this table includes Solaris 8 and the Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM). IBM includes its Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in AIX Version 4.3.3.

TaskSolaris 8AIX 4.3.3
Run multiple tasks in a GUI environment vxva smit smitty wsm
Move logical volume to another physical volume vxassist move migratepv
Create logical volume vxassist make mklv
Extend logical volume vxassist growto extendlv
Remove logical volume vxedit rm rmlv
Setup sysboot info on VM disk vxbootsetup -
Manage VM disks vxdisk -
Create volume group vxdg init mkvg
Remove disk from volume group vxdg rmdisk reducevg
Add disks under volume manager vxdiskadd extendvg
Administer disks vxdiskadm reducevg extendvg
Setup disks vxdisksetup extendvg
Change logical volume settings vxedit set chlv
Create config records for state structures vxmake mkvg mklv
Manage plexes or volume groups vxplex chvg mkvg
Show volume group vxprint lsvg
Change size of volume vxresize lchangelv
Manage subdisk or phys volume vxsd chpv
Show storage stats/structure vxstat lspv lsvg lslv
Manage volume vxvol chlv mklv rmlv