A collection of system administration hints and tips, tricks and articles for the Solaris operating system in all its variants.

Verifying Solaris 11 version

posted on 15th May, 2015

To check your software to see if they meet minimum version requirements for installation you can use the uname comand, however...

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Switching Solaris 11 repositories

posted on 31st Jul, 2014

For testing purpose you can use the release repository but production environments must use oracle support repository.

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Resizing Solaris swap partition online

posted on 7th Mar, 2014

A short tip on how to increate the size of swap online for a given Solaris system under zfs.

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Configuring OpenSSH on Solaris 8

posted on 24th Feb, 2014

Solaris 8 doesn’t come with the SSH and SFTP like features, to enable these we have to install and configure third party packages

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Basic Concepts of LDOM or Oracle VM for SPARC

posted on 18th Feb, 2014

SUN LDOMS aka oracle VM for SPARC is a complete virtual machines that runs an independent operating system

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Changing the Oracle VM Manager User Password

posted on 9th Aug, 2014

The Oracle VM Manager user lets you log in to the Oracle VM Manager Web UI. This article provides the steps required to change the admin password.

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Disabling MONLIST in NTP

posted on 11th Feb, 2014

NTP server prior to version 4.2.7 apparently allows for the user to query the NTP server stat

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Installing and Configuring LDOMs (Oracle VM for SPARC)

posted on 1st Feb, 2014

Installing the Oracle VM and configuring the primary domain and create a guest domain and assign necessary resources to it.

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