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Changing the default Solaris 11 locale

In Solaris 10 you had to edit the /etc/default/init file to chance the default locale, now with Solaris 11 it is defined in SMF.

LDOM cheat sheet

This document is designed to be a a quick platform specific cheat sheet to help engineers run important LDOM task on Sun SPARC systems

Disabling services in Solaris 10

To disable a service under Solaris 10 we use the svcadm command.

Starting and Stopping Solaris services with svcadm

svcadm issues requests for actions on services executing within the SMF. Actions for a service are carried out by its assigned service agent.

Solaris Service Management Facility (SMF)

Under Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris the SMF has been upgraded. There are great new tools to handle the sysadmin work on the services.

Automatic home directory creation

Using the executable maps feature in Solaris automounter we can create an authenticated users home directory automatically if it does not exist.