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nsrsgrpcomp is a command-line based utility to query the NetWorker servers jobs database and the savegrp log files in order to display a status


The inquire program returns INQUIRY data either for the named SCSI device (with the -a option), or for all SCSI devices attached to the system.


nsrtrap is a mechanism to send NetWorker notifications using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap mechanism.

#man UASM

The uasm command is the default filesystem ASM (Application Specific Module). It is built into save(1m) and recover(1m


This command reads text messages from standard input, appends a carriage return to the newline characters.


You can also use nsrcap to upgrade or downgrade NetWorker software features that are currently being used.


The lusdebug command sets a debugging level for the underlying NetWorker SCSI device drivers.


The jbconfig program provides an interactive script for configuring a jukebox (Media Autochanger Device) for use with a NetWorker server.


The lgtolic command is used to manipulate EMC licenses that are stored within a license resource database.


The nsrlic command generates reports about all license information currently active on a NetWorker server.


nsradmin monitors and modifies NetWorker resources over the network. Commands are entered on stdin, and output is sent to stdout.


NetWorker can be used to recover from all types of system and hardware failures that result in loss of files.


nsr_render_log reads messages from the NetWorker log file, filters and renders them according to the command line options.


Permits you to create, delete logical units and hot spare drives, set LUN caching parameters, and perform battery management from a cli or script.

Miscellaneous Solaris Commands

An assortment of miscellaneous Solaris commands that are useful to both novice and experienced Solaris administrators


The jobquery command is a command-line based program used to query NetWorker server's jobs database.


Without arguments jobkill will query for all running jobs. If there are no running jobs fulfilling the criteria, jobkill exits silently.