WMIC Quick Reference Guide

This article is a general reference topic for the WMI command-line (wmic) utility.


wmic [alias] [where] [clause]

    [alias] — process, share, startup, service, nicconfig, useraccount, etc.

    [where] — where (name="cmd.exe"), where (parentprocessid!=[pid]"), etc.

    [clause] — list [fulllbrief], get [attribl, attrib2], call [method].

General commands

wmic [alias] get /? List all attributes
wmic [alias] call /? Callable methods
wmic process list full Process attributes
wmic startupwmc service Starts wmic service
wmic ntdomain list Domain an DC info
wmic qfe List all patches
wmic process call create "process_name" Execute process
wmic process where name="process" call terminate Terminate process
wmic logicaldisk get description,name Get logical shares
wmic cpu get DataWidth /format:list Display 32 || 64 bit


Remotely determine logged in user

    wmic /node:remotecomputer computersystern get username

List number of times user has logged on

    wmic netlogin where (name like "%adm%") get numberoflogons

Uninstall software

    Get software names

    wmic product get name /value

    uninstall product XXX nointeractively

    wmic product where name"XXX" call uninstall /nointeractive

Remotely start RDP

    wmic /node:"machinename 4" path Win32_TerminalServiceSetting where
    AllowTSConnections="O" call SetAllowTSConnections "1"

Search for services with unquoted paths to binary

    wmic service get name,displayname,patchname,startnode | 
       findstr /i "auto" | 
       findstr /i /v "c:\windows\\" | 
       findstr /i /v ""

Remote process listing every second

    wmic /node:machinename process list brief /every:1

Execure SMB hosted file on remote sysytem with specific credentials

    wmic /node: targetiP /user:domain\user /password:password process 
       call create "\\smbiP\share\mybinary.exe"