What is the pathownerignore file?

This article describes the purpose and function of the 'pathownerignore'file

What is the purpose of the 'pathownerignore' file?

The purpose and function of the 'pathownerignore file is as follows:

  1. It is used in a Clustered environment
  2. With the 'pathownerignore' file created, it will allow the data backed up through the virtual client to be indexed under the virtual client even if the filesystem is owned by the physical node.
  3. The file is created in the directory where the NetWorker savefs command is installed. This file must be created on eachphysical node.

File Location

The default installation path for the savefs command ondifferent Operating Systems is as follows:

  • Solaris and Linux: /usr/sbin
  • HP-UX: /opt/networker/bin
  • AIX: /usr/bin
  • Tru64 UNIX: /usr/opt/networker/bin
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\nsr\bin

To create the pathownerignore file do the following:

  • On Windows run thiscommand:
    • from the command prompt cd into the nsr\bin directory
    • copy con pathownerignore
    • press Ctrl + Z keys
    • press the Enter key
    • you should get confirmation that 1 filed is copied
  • On Unix/Linux run command:
    • from the command prompt cd in to the nsr/bin directory
    • touch pathownerignore
    • run ls -l command to verify that a file with the name "pathownerignore" is created

    Please note that the 'pathownerignore' file does not have any extension.