Using nsr_shutdown to stop a NetWorker server

The nsr_shutdown command identifies and kills the NetWorker daemons on a Legato NetWorker server. Use the command whenever you need to install or remove Legato NetWorker software. You must become root on the system to use the nsr_shutdown command.

The following example describes the format and command options available for

# nsr_shutdown [ -a ] [ -A ] [ -d ] [ -n ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -v ]
Table 1 — nsr_shutdown options
option Description
-a kill all of the backup daemons. This option has the same effect as the -A, -d, and -s options combined.
-Akill any nsralist processes.
-dkill the NetWorker server daemons. If you do not specify any options, the -d option is assumed by default.
-necho the kill command without a real shutdown.
-qperform a quiet shutdown, without prompts for confirmation.
-skill any savegrp and nsrexecd processes.
-vecho commands and their arguments as nsr_shutdown executes them.