Using an alternate networker interface for Solstice Backup

There is a known problem in the Solstice Backup for UNIX 5.0 release, which prevents one from using an alternate network interface as described in the installaation and administration guide. However, the problem is fixed by applying SBU patch 5.0-009.

Note: This patch must be applied before trying to use the following procedure.

This article was written to force backups to use the 100Mbs interface cards on the Solstice Backup server and the Solstice Backup client.

Note: Using an alternate network interface card for backups is only possible using the TCP/IP protocols, not the SPX protocol.

Assuming the following Solstice Backup Server and Client, each with two network interface cards.

  • Solstice Backup Server:
    • A.10 (10Mbs name)
    • A.100 (100Mbs name)
  • Solstice Backup Client:
    • B.10 (10Mbs name)
    • B.100 (100Mbs name)

In place of 10Mbs, substitute the interface/path that Solstice Backup is currently using. Make sure that the hosts file on the Solstice Backup server and the Solstice Backup client contain the IP addresses and names of all four names listed above. See Legato Technical Bulletin 302 for additional information.

A client was originally created as B.10 in the "Client Setup" window. Create a duplicate client called B.100 with all the same attributes as client B.10. Add B.10 as an alias to client B.100 configuration.


  1. Invoke the Solstice Backup Administrator GUI using nwadmin.
  2. Select Clients from the main menu bar, then select Client Setup.
  3. Select View/Details. Find the field called "Server NetWorker Interface". In this field, specify the name "A.100".
  4. Delete the client resource for B.10
  5. On the client, edit the file /etc/rc2.d/S95networker to specify "-s A.100" to the nsrexecd line.
    !! NOTE !! Do not remove the flag "-s A.10" because this may cause authentication problems when the server probes the client initially.

    For example:
    # nsrexecd -s A.10 -s A.100
  6. Shutdown the Solstice Backup daemons using the nsr_shutdown command from the UNIX prompt.
    # nsr_shutdown -aq
  7. Copy the contents of /nsr/index/B.10/ to /nsr/index/B.100/ using the uasm command from the Solstice Backup server

    !! NOTE !! Do not use the "mv" command.
  8. Restart the Solstice Backup daemons.
    # /etc/init.d/networker start