Symantec Netbackup 7.5 New Features

Symantec released Netbackup 7.5 yesterday which includes some new features and changes for physical and virtual environments. This release contains the following new features:
  • Replication Director
    This feature offers a unified, policy-based man-agement of backups, snapshots and replication, NetApp Plug-in for Symantec Netbackup “Replication Director” and an hotfix for Net-Backup 7.5. Both will be available beginning mid-March 2012. The hotfix for Netbackup will be available on the Symantec support web site and the plug-in will be available on the NetApp NOW Site
  • Deduplication
    This release offers improved deduplication inte-gration, scalability, performance, and stability
  • Virtualization
    Netbackup for VMware and Netbackup for Hyper-V have both been improved. If you are still run-ning agents "in the guest", it is time to leverage the benefits in these built-for-virtualization solu-tions
  • Accelerator
    This feature offers intelligent, streamlined backup to disk. It addresses the increase in the amount of data to backup and the need to reduce backup windows
  • Search
    This feature provides an Information Manage-ment solution that couples backup, recovery, ar-chive, and discovery
  • Cloud
    This release contains a new Cloud-based storage that features Encryption
  • Telemetry
    This feature provides data collection and uploads capabilities for Netbackup and OpsCenter instal-lations
  • New platform support has been added to provide automated Bare Metal Restore of more platforms and configurations expand embedded deduplica-tion and expand support to address market needs for database agents:
    • Mac OSX 10.7 Client
  • BMR Client and boot server support for the following platforms:
    • Red Hat 6
    • AIX 7.1
    • Solaris 10 ZFS (Sparc/x64)
    • Linux native multi-path
  • Auto Image Replication for BMR images
  • Deduplication for AIX MSDP and Client
  • Added support for the following agents:
    • Enterprise Vault 10
    • New - Sybase Agent (Solaris 10 x64)
    • New - Informix Agent (Solaris 10 x64)
    • SharePoint 2010 SP1
    • Exchange 2010 SP2